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Funding is arguably one of the most important considerations when starting a new business, or scaling existing operations.  It used to be that your only options were the local bank, friends, and/or family.  Thankfully, the internet has brought us lots of new and innovative new ways to fund a business venture that are easier and even more fun than some of the traditional options! Listed below, in no particular order, are 10 fantastic ways to unlock funds for your business, including your rich uncle of course :)

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1.  Bank Loan (Bank, SBA, Microloans)

2.  Angel Investor

3.  Friends and Family

4.  Crowd Sourcing or Crowd Funding

5.  Hard Money Loans

6.  Trades and Barters

7.  Advance Orders

8.  Grants

9.  Personal Assets

10.  Credit Cards

When determining what funding path to take, carefully consider your tolerance for risk, ability to repay, interest paid, tax implications, and any other relevant considerations to maximize the success of your funding stage!

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