Top 10 Small Businesses To Start

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Hi everyone – today, I am going to briefly discuss the most popular businesses to start based on my sales of business plans.  What makes this post better and more accurate than what you can find other places on the web is that my top 10 list is based on FACTS and SOLID DATA of our business plans that have sold throughout the last 12 months, which gives us great insight into the most popular businesses people are looking to get start up.  So, without further delay, here is the top 10 list!

#10 – Shaved Ice Snow Cone Vendor

How often have you spent $3 on some ice splashed with sugar water for your kids at the local fair, car show, or summer festival?  Did you know that the profit margins on this business are astronomical?  Cash in on the lucrative vending industry with low start up costs and high profit margins!

#9 – Mobile Home Park

Low cost housing is, and will continue to be, in high demand.  Cash in on the opportunity while building long term wealth by leveraging real estate investments in land and sales/rentals of manufactured homes.   With the proper zoning this is a great way to better utilize land that is otherwise not producing income.

#8 – Solar Energy Farm

With the obvious supply and demand issues with typical energy sources alternatives are becoming more and more appealing.  Imagine harnessing the power of the sun and selling the energy back to the utilities company for distribution to the grid!  Numerous grants and subsidies exist to support the industry since the economics still aren’t quite positive, so tread carefully, but the growth potential is endless if oil prices continue to rise.

#7 – Trucking Company (OTR)

OTR trucking consists mainly of picking up freight from one location and delivering it to another, usually across state lines.  If you have a commercial license and a cab, this business can be perfect for you!  Work for yourself and bid on only the jobs you want for the utmost in flexibility and profitability.

#6 – Day Spa & Massage Services

Even in a tough economy people are looking to pamper themselves, which makes day spa and massage services in high demand.  Low start up costs and good opportunities for differentiation and superior branding strategies make this business both fun and exciting to start.

#5 – Freight Broker Services

Talk about a simple, low cost business to start!  With the right knowledge and relationships you can be a broker to organize the complex logistics of moving freight for both small and large companies.

#4 – Foreclosure Cleaning and Trash Out Services

OK, no need to mention the obvious trend impacting the high growth rate of this business!  Let’s just say that the real estate bubble has created a huge supply of foreclosures, and those who are smart can capitalize on this trend by starting a business to serve the growing demand from banks and real estate agents who need to clean up foreclosed homes before putting them on the market.

#3 – Mobile Food Truck 

The trends around this business are endless, and include your standard food truck all the way up to high end, gourmet food trucks that serve trendy downtown urban areas.  A food truck can be a very lucrative business, and is a great way to expand upon a traditional “brick and mortar” restaurant.

#2 – BBQ Smoker Catering Service

Everyone loves BBQ, and the smell of fresh BBQ in the air is almost impossible to resist which makes this business extremely profitable and fun to own and operate.

#1 – Bulk Candy Vending Machine Route

Well here you have it – the #1 selling business plan sold, and presumably the top small business to start, is a simple, low cost, almost completely passive business that is easy to start and operate.  I personally had a bulk vending route for a number of years and it was great!  I would service the machines and collect the money about once a month,  with an hourly rate exceeding most middle class incomes!  I’d still have the route if I didn’t move, I live in a rural area now which isn’t very conducive to having a route like this.

So there you have it – the top 10 business plans sold in the last 12 months.  Take it for what it’s worth, but know that more people are buying these plans to start up these businesses than any other plans I offer.  I trust that these are, and will continue to be, very popular businesses to start due to a number of different factors, such as low start up costs, trends in the economy, and attractive profit margins.

Thanks for reading my post, and please let me know if you have any comments!

All the best, and good luck in your business this year!!!


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  1. Telling read. will be sure to check back often

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